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Skin Relief for sweet Maximus

Skin relief balm for dry dog elbows

Maximus is a beautiful 4 year old "old English labrador", a breed we haven't come across before.

Physically old English labradors are shorter and stockier than a labrador. They are very intelligent, loyal and have a calm gentle nature.

Mark was lucky enough to meet both Maximus and his owner Teresa, a long standing customer, this week.

Mark describes Maximus as a lovely calm dog and you can see in this photo he took how relaxed he is whilst Mark and Teresa talked.

Maximus the old English labrador

Like many labs, he suffers with rough dry elbows. He's been using our Skin Relief Balm for a couple of years and it is the only thing that works for him.

It's always a great pleasure to meet our customers and Maximus is a wonderful sweet boy.

If your dog suffers from elbow calluses or rough dry elbows problems, take a look at Skin Relief:

Thank you to Maximus's owner Teresa for providing the main photo.