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Scout the Mountain Rescue Dog

Scout the Mountain Rescue Dog

We love it when you get in touch to share your story of how our balms are making a difference. So when Paul Besley contacted us about Scout, we were thrilled to read the impact our Paw Balm has made on Scout and his work as a Mountain Rescue dog.

Paul his owner and handler writes:

"Scout, my Border Collie and I have been training to be a dog team in Mountain Rescue. 

It has taken three years to train from getting Scout as a puppy. We were due to take our three day operational assessment in January 2019 in the Lake District, the Mountain Rescue search dogs operate all over Britain.

Scout on top of a mountain

The day before we travelled Scout sliced a paw pad and we had to cancel the assessment, they only take place twice a year. So this was devastating news.

Scout recovered and I started to use Paw Balm as a way to soften his pads.

He has to cover a multitude of terrain, crags, boulder fields, thick undergrowth as well as moorland and trail. His pads take a huge amount of hammer.

Since we started using your balm he has not had a single cut.

Scout using Wild Dog Paw Balm

In April we successfully completed our assessment and became one of only 39 dogs operational in England and Wales."

Congratulations Scout, what a great success!

Paul generously continues:

"This was thanks in large part to your Paw Balm so I wanted to say thank you for a great product and for contributing to our success.

When we are working and we find people you will have played a small part in that successful outcome."

By Paul Besley. Dog Handler. Mountain Rescue Dogs England and Wales. Woodhead Mountain Rescue.

Well...I'm not crying, you're crying. Amazing.

Scout ready for work

Thank you Paul for your story and more importantly, for the work you and Scout do. 

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Photos courtesy of Paul Besley, @paulbesleywrite (twitter).

Photo below courtesy of Mark Harrison.

Beautiful boy Scout

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