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Paw Balm for Summer the Collie

When Summer's owner Darren got in touch with a photo of her and review of our Paw Balm we couldn't resist finding out more about this beautiful girl.

Paw balm review with Summer collie

We asked her age, favourite toy and if Darren had a little story about her.

This was his reply (reprinted with kind permission):

She's 13 years old, still likes to go outside even though she can't walk that far these the summer she'll sit on the front lawn watching the world go by, everyone in the neighbourhood knows her and the local children call her a lion!!
Her favourite toy is her football, she cries to play it every night even at her age, it consists of my wife and myself knocking the ball to each other and she has to intercept it....she has to be in the middle.....she barks and wags her tail all the way through it......happens without fail every night !

We would certainly love to have Summer in our neighbourhood, she sounds like such a lovely dog with so much life and character.

About the Paw Balm, Darren said:

It's certainly helping her, she suffers from paw infections as I mentioned before so this helps the skin from cracking which makes it worse.

  Thank you Darren for sharing Summer with us.

If you would like your pawsome dog to be featured, contact us, we love hearing your stories.