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Dougal and Bertie

Dougal is a beautiful 6 yr old chocolate labrador and Bertie is still a puppy at 15 months old. Bertie has an amazing blue eye that seems to look into your soul!

Two dogs relaxing after Calm Balm

Barbara, Dougal and Bertie's owner, got in touch to let us know how she uses Skin Balm, Calm Balm and Paw Balm on her boys.

This is what she said:

I have had 4 Labradors over the years and without exception the elbow calluses appear over time. My wonderful Chocolate Labrador, a handsome big chap now 6 years old has been having the SKIN RELIEF balm on his elbows, the calluses have disappeared, no more rough knobbly, irritating lumps, his elbow are now smooth and the hair beginning to grow again.
I use the PAW balm and CALM balm with equally fantastic results, the CALM balm helps greatly with my Cocker Spaniel when we have a visit to the vet, especially as he had a bad experience and the PAW balm is wonderful for both of them, especially after long rough walks. My Cocker also has a breaking system like no other, so 'his pads' benefit from the paw balm, greatly.
Wonderful products, which will actually go further than you think, as you don't need to apply in huge amounts, just warm a little in your hand first.

Barbara sent two photos, the one above is her boys relaxing after Calm Balm, and the one below is Bertie and Dougal flying along in the Autumnal sun. Aren't they fabulous!

Two dogs running after using Paw Balm

Thanks so much Barbara for sharing your story with us, we love your boys Dougal and Bertie and know they have many more adventures to come.